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FinTec is a privately held company within the surface finishing industry and we have been serving the industry since 1998. We pride ourselves on being a company with high ethical standards. Our mission is to always provide world class solutions to our customers in an effort to exceed their expectations. Our finishing technology solutions begin and end with your success. We have 60+ years of combined worldwide experience that we can draw upon to meet, and exceed, our customers’ needs with the highest standards for quality and excellence. With our headquarters and large warehousing facilities in upstate South Carolina, we are strategically located to serve the needs of our customers throughout the US and abroad.


Our team has 60+ years of combined worldwide experience in the surface finishing industry. We specialize in providing high-tech solutions to an industry that is constantly evolving.

We provide innovative support services for every product that we sell—no matter how customized or complex. We help our customers keep operational costs as low as possible, allowing them to grow and compete on a global scale.

We supply products from the world’s leading surface finishing manufacturers, including: Better Engineering, Clemco Industries,  Vixen, Magnus, W3, Potters Industries, Rosler Metal Finishing, Torit Donaldson, Mass Finishing Inc, Gibson Equipment, Aeroex Collectors and Washington Mills.

FinTec Building - Front

Parts Testing Lab

Located onsite here at FinTec is our parts testing lab. This lab is free of charge, allows you to bring in your parts to test and work side by side with one of our experts. By utilizing this lab, you are able to determine what type of equipment you need as well as the type of media needed to achieve a required finish. We have both vibratory finishing machines as well as wet or dry blast machines to test multiple different options.  Here at FinTec, we keep a large stock of all types of media – both abrasive and finishing in our warehouse for your use in the lab and testing process.


  • Blast equipment, including wheel blast, air blast and wet blast, as well as specialized shot peening and surface preparation machines.
  • Dust collectors and filters
  • Waste-water treatment processing equipment
  • Vibratory finishing equipment including bowls, continuous inline machines, high-energy disk machines, dryers, media and compounds.